Cognitive Neuroscience, ’19

Elie is the Founder and CEO of a social-enterprise company (llc) called Choose Something Good, a website that connects high school volunteers to non-profit organizations. Started in Dallas in 2014, Choose Something Good has generated revenue and partnered with over 10 non-profit organizations in both Dallas and Providence. Graduating from the B-Lab summer 2016 cohort, Choose Something Good has curated a personality-profile assessment for volunteers, which matches them up with a non-profit that most closely aligns with their personality, interests, and skills. Elie also has entrepreneurship experience through her 2016-2017 position as Student Program Coordinator for the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, where she worked to plan a workshop series to bring more female entrepreneurs to campus.
Elie’s focus in entrepreneurship centers on the creation of business opportunities in the nonprofit space as well as the process of taking a venture from ideas to implementation phase. She’s always happy to talk about how we can create businesses that build a better world.She enjoys discussing the personal side of creating a venture, such as finding your voice as a leader and empowering more female entrepreneurs. She also has experience with finding a team, deciding what legal entity your venture should be, developing a product, and managing your own venture while working as a full time student. Sign up for office hours here.