Political Science

Ethan Shire is a senior at Brown University where he concentrates in Political Science. On campus, Ethan serves as a Teaching Assistant for Danny Warshay’s course, ENGN 1010, The Entrepreneurial Process: Innovation in Practice, where he assists students to develop business plans for their own ventures and explores entrepreneurial successes through HBS case studies. Ethan holds leadership roles in a number of public policy and business-oriented groups on campus. As a project leader for Brown University’s Tamid Chapter, an organization that provides pro-bono consulting services to Israeli start-ups, Ethan is well-versed in the challenges young companies face. By advising Israeli CEOs looking to expand to the US market, Ethan has gained market research experience in the technology, security and employee engagement industries. In addition, Ethan currently serves as the Chief Acquisitions Analyst for Bloyd Street Capital, a startup real estate investment firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This past summer, Ethan interned as an analyst at Avascent, a leading strategy and management consulting firm based in Washington, DC that serves clients in the defense and aerospace industries. Outside of academic and extracurricular work, Ethan is an avid New York sports fan.

Ethan is excited to discuss ventures that are along any stage of development. He is particularly interested in connecting students across campus with similar passions and complementary skill sets to help bring businesses to fruition. Sign up for his office hours, here!