Ingrid Zippe ‘17.5

Visual Art + Computer Science

Ingrid has completed half her undergraduate education at RISD and the other half at Brown. Ingrid began a fashion design company called Suma ( She has worked professionally in branding and graphic design, and she has expertise in modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing physical objects. She was an executive leader of RISD E’Ship for two years and has learned countless lessons about starting/ growing companies from hosting and attending the lectures of 50+ seasoned entrepreneurs. Ingrid is an alum of the 2015 Brown Venture Fellowship cohort. Over the past year and a half, Ingrid has focused her energy on learning to code, so if you have great ideas that require technology, and you need to figure out where to begin in build your concept, meet with Ingrid, and she will help you understand the nuts and bolts of what you will need to lift your idea off the ground. Sign up for office hours here.