Peer Entrepreneur in Residence

Rhaime is a senior studying computer science. She worked on a fintech idea for a year, and through that effort was selected as a participant in Brown’s summer accelerator B-Lab and created a prototype exchange with 3 other software engineers. Rhaime is now working with Nomad Rides, a Y Combinator startup tackling the rideshare space. She is also an associate at Van Wickle Ventures, Brown’s in-house seed investor. Rhaime has done two product management internships at startups and also helped create a fintech accelerator from scratch during her gap year.

“I would be happy to chat about anything, from navigating the financial and human resources available to entrepreneurs at Brown, finding a startup job, to talking about the challenges you’re facing with your venture. Even if you aren’t yet working on an idea or just want to have a general chat, that would be awesome. If you can’t meet at any of the listed times, please let me know.”