Samanee is a senior and history major but loves all things start-ups and entrepreneurship. During her time at Brown, she’s gotten to work at eight different companies — doing roles across product management, sales, and marketing — as well as start a social venture that employs single moms in Providence to knit hats, a subletting marketplace, and a freelance photography business. She can speak to many experiences from what it’s like working in a small 5-person start-up, a top three investment bank, and a rapidly growing tech company. Or what it’s like to create a start-up with six co-founders.

Samanee is always happy to get to know new folks and help them explore their ideas, do bottom-up research, figure out next steps, marketing and sales strategy, or explain what it’s like to be a female entrepreneur and person of color navigating the world of tech and entrepreneurship. She’s also happy to talk about the personal sides of the journey too such as overcoming self-doubt, creating support systems, and managing all of life’s responsibilities while being a full time student. Sign up for her office hours, here!