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Peer Entrepreneur in Residence

Elvia Perez is a proud UFLI Senior from Los Angeles studying Business Economics, Political Science, and Entrepreneurship. Experiencing educational disparities herself, Elvia was compelled to create the change she wanted to see within her community. During high school, she founded a non-profit organization, Latino Empowerment, with the goal of empowering youth to obtain higher education. In her sophomore summer, Elvia participated in the Nelson Center’s Breakthrough Lab (B-Lab), where she worked on EmpowerU, an educational tech startup that works to address educational disparities by providing students with the resources and tools they need to obtain higher education. EmpowerU was recently awarded third place at the 2021 Brown Venture Prize Competition and has been featured in the Boston Globe.

Outside of class, Elvia has served as the Director of the Finance Team for the Nelson Center’s Entrepreneurship Program (EP) and has created the Diversity and Inclusion Team. She is also a part of the DIAP committee, which works with students, faculty, and staff to improve diversity and equity within the entrepreneurship environment at Brown. Elvia is a Social Innovation Fellow at the Swearer Center, co-founder of Brown University Latinx Students in Business & Leadership, co-president of the Economics DUG, and a member of the Brown University Resources Committee. She has also worked in investment banking and public finance. Elvia participated in Harvard Business School’s Venture in Management Program.

Elvia is excited to chat with her peers about bottom-up research, prototyping, education, technology, or if you are just curious about navigating the entrepreneurial world here at Brown.
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