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Bloom is an app that teaches teens how to invest via educational modules, empowering the next generation of Americans to build wealth. Features include parental safeguards and bank-grade encryption. Additionally, Bloom works with nonprofits and student-led organizations to spread financial literacy and support the social-good finance leaders of tomorrow. It offers UTMA/UGMA custodial brokerage accounts that helps teenagers invest in a safe and educational way. Bloom was a part of 2021’s Y Combinator, and recently raised $4.3 million from investors, including from a 2020 US Presidential Candidate. As of April 2022, the app’s waitlist has over 35,000 teenagers, with 200,000+ current users.

Bloom is founded by Sonny Mo, ’21 (right) (2019 Brown Venture Prize Finalist), Allan Maman (left), and Sam Yang (middle). Bloom was recently featured in Fast Company and Forbes.

Photo Credit: Bloom



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September 29, 2022