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The Forum for Entrepreneurship Analytics, Scholarship, and Thought (FEAST)

Faculty Event Funds

The Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship is announcing a funding opportunity to support entrepreneurial research at Brown University, specifically, our Forum for Entrepreneurship Analytics, Scholarship, and Thought (FEAST). The goal of FEAST is to advance the study of entrepreneurship in the form of workshops, conversations and colloquia.


Committed to rigorous and critical intellectual inquiry, FEAST aims to offer a forum for the Brown community and provide a rich suite of programming for researchers who are exploring (or are interested in exploring) themes of entrepreneurship, broadly defined, through a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary lenses.

This funding will support the coming together of faculty and researchers engaging in scholarly discussions at either the nascent stage to a more developed stage of ideation and thought. We particularly welcome proposals that include opportunities for dialog and debate among multiple scholars from differing perspectives, across the humanities, arts, social sciences and sciences.

FEAST Funds will be supported and administered by Nelson Center staff based on scheduling and other considerations on a rolling basis. Conversations can take a variety of forms, such as panel discussions, interactive workshops, or host a lunch or dinner for an informal discussion on a centered theme.

Click here for an example of past FEAST events.

We accept proposals from all Brown faculty and postdoctoral fellows. Collaborative proposals are encouraged!