Working on an idea? Don’t know where to start? Applying to our Explore Grants, Breakthrough Lab, or the Brown Venture Prize? Check out our library of resources to help guide you through the entrepreneurial process.

(More to come!)

The Entrepreneurial Process: Bottom-Up Research

with Danny Warshay '87, Executive Director, Nelson Center

A spirited online workshop about the most critical skill in entrepreneurship – “bottom-up research.” This is the first step in the three-step Entrepreneurial Process that Danny teaches to aspiring entrepreneurs at Brown and all over the world. As opposed to the myth that entrepreneurs are creative geniuses from birth, The Entrepreneurial Process is a skill set that you can master and apply. This first step of the process – a breakthrough “anthropological” approach – helps entrepreneurs listen and observe to determine what consumers really need, even when consumers themselves do not know.

Value Proposition: Creating Solutions That Matter

with Deb Mills-Scofield '82, Mentoring Maven, Nelson Center

Need help with your startup? Or discovering how to find customers? Join the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship and Deb Mills-Scofield ’82, for a workshop that will show you how to find out if your idea has any value to your targeted customers (or just to you). Learn how to recognize a problem and how to create a solution that matters. The workshop will focus mainly on defining value propositions because if there’s no value proposition there is no need for a business model!

Video Production Tips for Pitching in a Virtual World

with Riche Holmes Grant '99, Entrepreneur in Residence, Nelson Center

As the host of Real Simple magazine’s new Outdoor Upgrade video makeover series and executive producer and host of The Riche Life web series, Riche Holmes Grant ’99, Nelson Center Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) will share her best tips for:

– Getting comfortable being on camera and polishing your on-camera presence.
– Equipping your “studio” on a limited (or zero) budget.
– Producing a high-quality end product that will wow your audience.

Tip: This workshop is helpful for anyone applying to a startup incubator (such as B-Lab), accelerator, pitch competitions (such as Brown Venture Prize), folks that present virtually, and for many other purposes!