The certificate program in entrepreneurship provides curricular structure for undergraduate students who wish to make entrepreneurship an important part of their intellectual journey at Brown. Offered in conjunction with the School of Engineering, it builds upon Brown’s interdisciplinary approach to liberal arts education and commitment to the exploratory spirit of the open curriculum.


The pedagogical goal of the certificate program is to equip students with an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the entrepreneurial process. These building blocks are:

  1. Understanding and validating an unmet need.
  2. Developing a value proposition that addresses an unmet need.
  3. Designing a sustainability model that allows the value proposition to be delivered repeatedly at scale.

The awareness that entrepreneurship is a structured process for problem solving—not a function of having an “entrepreneurial spirit” or of working in a particular industry or sector—is a central pedagogical goal of the certificate and of the Nelson Center more broadly. As students develop this understanding and develop proficiency in the process, they will see the full range of contexts in which they can apply these skills.


To earn the certificate, a student must complete two core courses that introduce foundational entrepreneurial concepts, two elective courses that extend the foundation into an area of specific interest, and a practicum that enables students to apply classroom concepts to real-world entrepreneurial projects of their own choosing.


  1. Two Core Courses Existing and modified management and entrepreneurship courses.
  2. Two Elective Courses Chosen from existing relevant courses across the University.
  3. One Practicum Experiential Course A structured real-world course that allows students to develop entrepreneurial solutions.

Additional information about these specific courses and requirements will be provided when the program is launched during the 2019-20 academic year.

Questions? Email Jonas Clark, associate director at jonas_clark@brown.edu.