We are grateful to the Nelson Center Advisory Council, a group of experienced leaders and entrepreneurs who help us support the broader Brown entrepreneurship community. With varied backgrounds, they are all committed to building a world-class center that combines the best of Brown’s liberal arts tradition with the entrepreneurial tools needed to help students “discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.” Building and growing the Nelson Center is a team effort, and we would not be able to do so without our generous and talented council members.


Jonathan M. Nelson ’77, P’07, P’09


Christian J. Anthony ’96

Co-CEO & Co-founder, ListenFirst Media

Norman Atkins ’84, P’10 AM’10, P’14

Co-founder & President, Relay Graduate School of Education

Daniel Breyer ’17

Investor, Breyer Capital

Kris Brown ’89, P’22

Partner at Goodwin Procter LLP

Hermann F. Bruhn ’95

Mariah Calagione ’93 P’22

Vice President, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Morgan Cheatham ’17

Chuck Davis ’82, P’13, P’16

CEO & Chairman, Prodege, LLC

Tanya Dubash ’91, P’21

Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Group

Wesley Edens P’16, P’21

Chairman & Founder, Fortress Investment Group

Scott Friend ’87, P’22

Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures

Tyler Gage ’08

Co-founder, Runa & Managing Director, Terrafertil

Robert Goodman ’82, P’18, P’24

Andrew Goldman ’90 P’21

Co-founder & CEO, Writable

Marcos Gonzalez ’89

Founder & Managing Partner, Vamos Ventures

Theresia Gouw ’90

Founding Partner, Aspect Ventures

Elizabeth Hamburg ’86

Founder, Candoo Tech

Eliot Horowitz ’03

Co-founder, MongoDB

Philip Hult ’93, P’24

Chairman, EF Education First

Steph Korey ’09

Co-founder & CEO, Away

Heidi Messer-Martin ’92

Chair & Co-founder, Collective[i]

Harald Mix ’83, P’19, P’20, P’23

Managing Partner, Altor Equity Partners

Brian Moynihan ’81, P’14, P’19

Scott Norton ’08

Co-founder, Sir Kensington’s

Daniel O’Keefe ’97

Managing Partner, Apax Digital

Neil Parikh ’11

Co-founder and COO, Casper

Steven Price ’84, P’18, P’20

Chief Executive Officer, 25 Madison

Benjamin Pruzan ’17

Lawrence Rand ’64, P’93

Executive Chairman, Kekst and Company

Jessica Kim ’00

Co-Founder/CEO, ianacare

Luke Sherwin ’12

Co-founder at Casper & Block Renovation

Nicole Shimer ’16

Investment Team, Insight Venture Partners

Richard Katzman ’78, P’14

Early-stage investor

Amy Wolf ’90

Co-founder & Managing Partner, Lykos Capital Partners