Maggie Bachenberg ’22

Environmental Studies

Maggie Bachenberg is a senior from southern Minnesota concentrating in Environmental Studies on the Land, Water, and Food Security track. She got involved in entrepreneurship her freshman fall when she went through the Women’s Empowerment (WE) Incubator and experienced her first pitch competition. In her freshman spring, she joined the WE team of Brown EP and served as team lead her sophomore year. Maggie was also a TA for the Entrepreneurship Practicum in Fall 2020 and will be TAing again in Fall 2021.

Maggie is a scout for Open Scout and the AWS University Scout Program, where she provides AWS credits to qualified teams. She also completed a 9-month analyst fellowship during her junior year at Franklin Advisory, a boutique management consulting firm that focuses on entrepreneurial programming and advising startups.

In 2020, Maggie launched her startup Pointz, a safety-focused mapping app for micromobility riders (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc). Outside of her work in entrepreneurship, Maggie plays on the Brown Women’s Rugby team and enjoys biking, camping, and rock climbing.