Abbie Kohler ’20

Adjunct Lecturer

Abbie Kohler is the Co-Founder and CEO of ResusciTech, a medtech company that provides engaging emergency medical education and hands-on chest compression practice, all from a smartphone. ResusciTech’s app certifies thousands of people in CPR and first aid every year. In 2021, Abbie received the Community Impact Award from the American Heart Association of Southern New England for her contributions to emergency preparedness and cardiovascular health.

Abbie studied biomedical engineering at Brown and graduated in 2020. While at Brown, she participated in many programs offered by the Nelson Center including B-Lab and the Brown Venture Prize. Abbie received her Master of Business Creation (MBC) from the University of Utah in 2022, earning the program’s Outstanding Graduate award. Additionally, Abbie currently serves on the board of the Kent Hospital Foundation.