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Addressing one of the Hardest Challenges in Healthcare: Self-Management of Complex Health

November 8, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Founder Friday: Deciphering Disease and Improving Population Health

How can we create better systems to support health care management for the chronically ill and underserved? How can technology improve healthcare outcomes and provide the independence that we all deserve when it comes to our health?

These are the types of questions Dr. Piali De ScM ‘84, PhD ‘88, co-founder of Senscio Systems and Robbie Felton ’21, co-founder of Intus Care and B-Lab alum, (who will interview) will discuss at our next Founder Friday. After a family dinner with their aging parents, her husband and co-founder decided to start solving a problem near and dear to their hearts — help people with complex chronic conditions manage their lives, while improving the broken healthcare system in the US. Soon they both quit their jobs and started working together on a solution to this problem. 

Ibis™ is a comprehensive solution for at-home self-management of persons living with complex chronic conditions. Ibis combines communications technology and artificial intelligence, coupled with integrated health management services, enabling users to self-manage their health and providers to proactively intervene. Pursuant to care plans prescribed by their physicians, Ibis notifies the care team to consider interventions based on patient self-assessment data and generates unprecedented actionable insights for the care team about the health of the most costly patients.​


This event is co-sponsored with the Brown School of Public Health. 


Piali De, PhD is a co-founder and CEO of Senscio Systems, a technology company whose vision is to be a leader in technology platforms that automatically make sense of varied and voluminous data to support informed decision-making. 

Piali De is the co-inventor of Senscio’s patented Scio™ framework, the artificially intelligent inference engine that contextualizes data in any domain into actionable intelligence.  Built upon Scio, Senscio Systems’ Ibis Health Program is a complex chronic care management system designed to improve self-management for patients with complex chronic conditions designed to enable coordination with multiple care team members resulting in early intervention to avoid complications. It provides the perfect balance between technology and the right touch for individuals with complex health needs, resulting in fewer avoidable hospital admissions and improved health outcomes.

Piali De is the author of many publications, three patents, and one pending patent. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi and Sigma Pi Sigma honor societies and is the recipient of the National Women of Color’s 2009 Technology Innovation award. In 2005, Piali received the Raytheon CEO Award, Raytheon IDS President’s Award and Raytheon Business Development Excellence Award, for her work on profiling Marine Corps missions.

A recognized thought leader in digital health innovation, Piali is a frequent and eloquent speaker and guest lecturer at digital health summits and health care conferences, including HFMA, HIMSS, The MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge , Medical Development Group, MedSpeaks, and Health Innovators.

Prior to Senscio Systems, Piali De was an Engineering Fellow at Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems. At Raytheon, she developed a system called Confluence™, designed to deliver knowledge-based decision support for public safety missions, pandemic crisis, natural disaster responses, military missions, and situations that require multiple organizations to analyze data simultaneously and respond in immediate unison.

Piali grew up in Calcutta, India. In 1982, she graduated Summa Cum Laude, from Hunter College of the City University of New York, with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics. In 1987, Piali completed the doctoral program in Physics at Brown University. She and her husband Hugh Stoddart have two sons: Keiron and Brenton; all four share a passion for traveling.

More information on Founder Fridays this year:
This year, the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship is inviting speakers whose work represents the themes outlined in Brown’s Building on Distinction Strategic Plan, specifically the integrative scholarship themes.

Today’s theme is Deciphering Disease and Improving Population Health: Improving human health requires an integrated approach to understanding the causes of disease and translating that knowledge into new modes of diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately prevention — from bench to bedside to population. This theme will rely upon the close alignment of Brown’s Alpert Medical School and School of Public Health and synergies with faculty across the campus to create the knowledge on which population health can be improved, and educate skilled professionals to use this knowledge for the benefit of people in Rhode Island and around the world.


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